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Why RCH?

Our experience and focus is in a very specific area.  Life and Material Sciences businesses are constantly evolving and therefore have special compute and application requirements.


Products and technologies are but one of the tools needed to properly support research initiatives in this fast-past evolving world of Scientific Computing.


Comprehensive support of Research Computing requires experience, agility, quality and comprehensive ownership .

News & Events

Shawn Burns Joins RCH Solutions
RCH announces that Shawn Burns has joined the company as the Director of Business Development.  For more information, please see the Press Release.
May 12, 2014
RCH and Intel's Healthcare IT Blog
RCH's Phil Eschallier was asked to be a guest contributor to the Intel Healthcare IT blog -- please visit ...
April 25, 2014
RCH Teams with EMC to release a Case Study on ...
RCH Solutions and EMC / Isilon have teamed up to produce a Case Study highlighting success in bring large scale computing and Big Data support to Pharmaceutical R&D. RCH continues its focus on ...
March 13, 2014
RCH Teams with EMC co-presenting "Re-inventing ...
Michael Riener and Phil Eschallier from RCH Solutions joined Sasha Paegle from EMC2 / Isilon to discuss recent success stories leveraging High Performance Computing (HPC) technologies backed by ...
March 03, 2014

Industry Focus

RCH Solutions serves Research Computing groups within the Life & Material Sciences industries.  In Big Pharma, Biotechs, Chemical Companies, Academia, and beyond ... delivering Solutions Architecture, Compute and Storage hardware sales and support, Research and Scientific Computing applications management, platform performance tuning, High Performance Computing & Big Data solutions and support, data management, R&D in The Cloud, and working to keep everything tightly integrated.

How many of your partners truly understand your business practices, workflows as well as the difference between Research Computing and the rest of the organization? 

"RCH Solutions supporting Informatics pursuits within the Life & Material Sciences industries



Customer Experience

Why are success stories and raving fans the true validation of great work?

Companies and their brands need to reach out and speak directly to customers, to honor their values, and to form meaningful relationships with them. Customer loyalty to companies is not a product of closing contracts or fulfilling individual agreements -- loyalty extends from trust, and trust is built by companies listening to customers, understanding their needs, then driving to meet or exceed their expectations.

About RCH

RCH Solutions is a Services Provider and a Systems Integrator focused on Research, Scientific, and High Performance Computing (HPC), and Applications Support within Life & Material Sciences, Healthcare, and Academia.

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