Your business is changing … In today’s business climate it is even more important than ever to select a solution partner that is not only familiar with the specific needs of your business, but will recommend, implement and support the entire solution regardless of vendor. Are you being asked to do more with less? Are your OEM partners more or less responsive than before? Do they propose solutions that are best for your business or theirs?

Our approach is simple, yet unique. RCH will recommend solutions and services only after we fully understand your key business initiatives. Yes, it sounds like a common sense business approach but, how often to you see this in practice? How often do you speak with vendors that only have a limited understanding of your work and worse yet, a limited solution set. How many of your vendors can offer objective advise? How many can offer a single point of contact for your systems, applications and support needs? There are very few if any. RCH is one of the few because we can afford to do it right.

Our approach has proven to be very effective for our customers. Just ask them! Our business has grown primarily through trusted relationships, referrals and satisfied customers.   Even if you are limited to one vendor, with multiple contact points, a static solution set, and a narrow interest in your business, then this presents an issue for most partners. Perhaps your challenge is on the delivery side because of resource constraints or limited understanding of your environment? RCH can help in either or both situations. We can replace or supplement this model.

If you prefer a fulfilment vendor, then we probably can’t help.  We have found that most customers in our industry have unique needs and require comprehensive support which demands quality and accountability.  If you need a partner who can add real tangible value, through a variety of options, specific to your unique business, then you should talk with us.

RCH has proven to be a knowledgeable, responsible and accountable partner for our customers since 1991. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss what we do and how we can help.