Celgene had an objective to design then build a Research Computing environment that would meet the needs of both Corporate and Research business partners. The hybrid on-premise / Cloud solution would be done in phases to gain acceptance and ensure success. The initial phase was an internal platform sufficiently architected and managed to provide Research the freedoms and flexibility it needed. Once established, the focus turned to the scale needed to meet business needs by leveraging the Cloud in a hybrid (On-premises + Cloud computing) model. Celgene was in need of an experienced partner with a specific background in Specialty Computing who could evaluate and assess current IT standards and then specify and implement solutions within existing operating models. The challenge was both technical and operational based on the unique business needs of an emerging biopharmaceutical company.


RCH was engaged to perform an assessment of the plan and supporting technologies. An experienced team provided consulting, design, implementation, and support of this very visible and critical initiative. The process included:

  1. Design review of the plan  that included infrastructure, platform, data and resources
  2. Assessment of current state of Scientific Computing, IT and Businesses
  3. Formal set of recommendations to optimize and grow capabilities
  4. A roadmap forward with phases tied to business needs, including Best Practices
  5. Seamless integration with IT involvement
  6. Strategic planning using proven solutions and best practices
  7. Proven flexible and scalable research computing environment

RCH worked directly with the internal IT staff, Research scientists, and application vendors to provide the optimum scalable solution for this new environment. The project included important application testing from a variety of commercial products as well as open source software necessary for proper development. Finally, collaboration between the many disparate IT and Business groups were necessary for adoption and success.


Celgene now has a comprehensive, flexible, scalable, Scientific Computing environment. . The RCE now includes both an on premise and hybrid-cloud platform necessary to support the unique needs of the Businesses and structure of Corporate IT. In 2017, Celgene was recognized at the CIO 100 Symposium for Innovation of the RCE. ( RCH Solutions was recognized as a key partner of Celgene for their technical and change management contributions. Our company continues to provide managed services in support of the RCE as well as other emerging initiatives at Celgene.