Celgene had a need to retain operational support for an established Document Inventory and Analytics environment utilized by many business groups from Discovery through Development. The platform, known as REDDA, was developed in partnership with the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) and is currently hosted in the cloud via Amazon Web Services (AWS). The challenge was to identify an experienced and capable partner who could quickly understand the complexities of these evolving platform and retain the proper service level as its use expanded throughout Celgene.


Understand the structure of the current REDDA platform and clarify RCH involvement of support now and in the future. The plan would include Operational Support, Data Management and finally, Consulting and Engineering when requested. The solution included:

Operational Support

  • Cloud (AWS) Administration including platform services.
  • Application administration including deployments, performance management, and trouble-shooting software components of the platform.


Data Management

  • Support REDDA team of Data Scientists with AWS data management needs.
  • Partner with Celgene IT in support of data access including on-prem hosted services.


 Consulting / Engineering

  • In Cloud or On-Prem to facilitate evolution and integration expansion.
  • Systems and software engineering supporting the platform’s evolution.
  • Data Analytics services and Data Inventory initiatives.


RCH worked directly with the internal IT staff, Research scientists, and application vendors to provide the optimum scalable solution for this highly visible, dynamic environment. The project included important application testing from a variety of sources. Finally, collaboration between the many disparate IT and Business groups were necessary for adoption and success.


RCH employed a Managed Services model where, the deployment of appropriate resources would all for the proper attention to this unique platform environment. The model allows Celgene the capability to present REDDA in a safe and predictable manner as its use expands throughout the company and beyond. Celgene now has a well-engineered, solidly supported data management and analytics platform. RCH Solutions continues to be recognized as a key partner of Celgene for their technical capabilities in a ‘home grown’ application which required a unique skill set. We continue to provide managed services in support of the RCE as well as other emerging initiatives at Celgene.