For IT Professionals

Can you identify a more challenging and demanding environment than research computing at a large Life Sciences or Healthcare company?  RCH can help with the many challenges such as disparate operating systems, application support, unstructured data management, and work in the Cloud. While acting as an experienced liaison between you and the research scientist, we can provide Operational and Strategic support. All with a thorough understanding of the IT processes.

How are we like and different than other VARs?  We are like in that we resell and support many of the best of breed / supported products from companies such as HP, IBM, EMC and NetApp.  RCH may also entertain and support many leading edge technologies necessary for the shared goals of IT and Research.  We are different for many reasons. However, people like you have worked with us because of our unique experience in Research.  Many in RCH have advanced science experience and/or extensive application experience.  This is uniquely different than any other VAR and allows us to provide the necessary support for this most challenging part of your business.