The Challenge

Support for scientific applications can be very complicated and demanding. Many Life Science organizations are either reducing support staff or outsourcing operations entirely. The driving force is typically to reduce costs of industry standard applications and practices. This may work well in static environment or, those that utilized well understood business applications. Unfortunately, this is not the current state in research computing across the industry. J&J needed help appending their support model for specific research groups. They were also faced with working with someone that understood the environment, could recommend then implement the proper scalable solution and, work well with their internal support team. Their existing challenges included:

  • Properly support demands of research computing
  • Identify specific partner with specialized expertise whom is consistent with company outsource direction
  • Limited resources to support dynamic research groups

The Solution

J&J needed an experienced group that possessed domain expertise and, was familiar with their environment. The RCH team worked directly with their IT staff and research scientists to understand their specific requirements. From there, we were able to design a Managed Services agreement to provide High Performance Computing (HPC) system and application support services. We proposed:

  • Dedicated team of experts for specific research sites
  • Coordinate efforts between IT and end-user scientists
  • Industry Best Practices and Innovation
  • Single Point of Accountability

The Results

Today, J&J has a proven team in RCH that can provide the required support for their research sites across North America. Their scientists have a valued partner that can act as an effective intermediary that truly understands the unique demands of research computing. The RCH team was able to act quickly and efficiently within the customers parameters to provide:

  • Faster time to resolution (from months to days)
  • More accurate and comprehensive solutions
  • Operate within company policies and procedures
  • More productive scientific teams

Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development (J&JPRD) is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson that is responsible for discovering and developing pharmaceutical drugs. J&JPRD has research sites located in Raritan, New Jersey, Spring House, Pennsylvania, La Jolla, California, Beerse, Belgium and Toledo, Spain.