Managed Services

  • Support for Scientific Computing requires support services that are different from a standard SLA arrangement and often appear to be in contrast to Enterprise services models.  In reality, services from RCH augment those from Enterprise IT.  For The Sciences, the proper Managed Services model employs flexible scopes, agile teams and a comprehensive understanding of the business applications and workflows unique to this dynamic area.
  • Solutions are both standard or customized.  On site, remote or a comprehensive mix supporting both.
  • The ideal model for The Sciences employs an extension of Enterprise IT standards and one that is structured to accommodate ever evolving expectations and news of Scientific / Technical Computing.
  • The RCH difference is our ability to support the entire solutions stack – infrastructure / hypervisors, operating systems, resource managers / schedulers, applications, data and the network.  Either on premise, in the Cloud, or hybrid deployments.

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