The Challenge

Support for Scientific Computing environments has extended to the Cloud. The applications, workflows and processes require an experienced skill set with the ability to adapt to the unique environment of scientific computing, where ever they may reside. As is well documented, J&J has embraced the cloud, using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support its hybrid cloud strategy. This includes Research & Discovery and Clinical operations.

There are many challenges beyond the deployment phase. Included are:

  • How to accommodate the unique needs of the R&D businesses
  • A plan for transitioning of applications, data and storage to the new environment
  • Expertise to help manage and sustain availability; prioritizing security and avoiding use of the cloud as just another hosting platform
  • Buy-In and acceptance of the businesses
  • A revised model for the business that was consistent with the new IT strategy of improved processes.   A hybrid model must be explored to accommodate the ever evolving demands of those businesses.

Janssen needed help to append the support model for their global research teams. They had a need for a support partner that understood their environment, had specific experience supporting research computing initiatives, and could serve as a liaison between the research groups and IT.


As part of the multi-partner IT support model, Janssen chose to utilize a proven partner in RCH that has been providing Managed Services for the business for over 10 years.  As a partner with an experienced, agile and forward-thinking Scientific Computing team, RCH proposed:

  • Dedicating a team of Scientific Computing Experts across key research sites
  • Coordinating efforts between IT and end-user scientists
  • Recommending and applying Industry Best Practices
  • Consolidating communicates and support services activities to a single point of accountability
  • Presentation of Cloud capabilities to the Business focusing impacts to science and approaches compute solutions

Working directly with Janssen’s IT staff and research scientists, RCH was then able to design and implement a Managed Services program to support scientific and High Performance Computing (HPC) systems and applications for Janssen’s globally dispersed teams. Today, RCH provides on-going services supporting cloud engineering and application migrations while delivering Scientific Computing and Applications Support services tuned for legacy and new needs.


Janssen in the midst of a transformative time via migration of computing from on premise to cloud. RCH has been a key partner in the successful migration of key R&D and Clinical applications (including Validated applications). At the same time, we continue to deliver reliable and responsive Applications and Scientific Compute services. In reaching for the cloud, Janssen gains the benefits of elasticity, scale, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, collectively offering Compute agility and flexibility without mandating impossible amounts of CAPEX. RCH has been with Janssen to facilitate science and abate risk consistent with corporate initiatives.