The Computer Aided Drug Design (CADD) group of Sanofi was in transition from a staff augmentation support model to a more appropriate Managed Services approach in order to support its dynamic environment. The challenge was how to shift from a fragmented, siloed business to an integrated, agile, cross-functional, self-sustained group to more effectively advance science and, include additional skills as needed. Sanofi also had a need to fully take advantage of a true managed services approach where skills and associated experience could be allocated on an as needed basis. Business groups affected by this included CADD, Computational Chemistry, Molecular Modeling and Structural Biology


Sanofi IT had worked with RCH for a number of years in support of scientific computing. While successful partnership, this had included support of systems, applications and workflows. The CADD group wanted to append this successful model to now include both emerging areas such as Big Data, Cloud and Data Analytics as well as the resources needed to support this initiative. If successful, they will have taken the next step toward the fully integrated, agile and, self-sustained business unit.

RCH delivered an experienced team with a thorough knowledge of Computational Chemistry disciplines, ligand and structure-based drug design, modeling, ADMET physical and chemical property prediction, back-screening and pathway analysis.

RCH worked directly with the internal IT staff, Research scientists, and application vendors to provide the optimum scalable solution for this highly visible, dynamic environment. The projects included important application testing from a variety of sources. A comprehensive plan, with clearly stated deliverables, with a fully accountable partner.

A combined strategic and tactical approach to specialty computing for CADD initiatives was unique to the company and in need of a proven approach. The model had been proven out by other global pharmaceutical companies with similar challenges and goals.


RCH was able to deliver to the Sanofi CADD group a more comprehensive managed services model that included Chemistry, Data Management, Data Sciences, and Bio-IT skills to meet the expanding Research needs of Sanofi R&D. The result for Sanofi was a more scalable, flexible and agile team model consistent with scientific initiatives that is to continuously improve the drug Discovery and Development process.