Scientific Computing

Rather than “chaos with a budget,” Scientific & Research Computing leverages all possible resources to first identify, then develop novel compounds and approaches; getting these into trials and then to market with all possible speed being the number-one priority.

With scientists continually demanding more compute power and more storage, traditional IT / IS processes can be perceived as a barrier. Scientific & Research Computing environments, and those who maintain them, have to be equal in agility and innovation to enable the Research teams using them — but the computing environments must remain uncompromisingly high-performing and also attaining the up-time of true Production platforms.

Scientific & Research Computing environments include: 

  • High-end graphic workstations
  • Stand-alone Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) servers
  • High-Performance Computing (HPC) clusters
  • [Scale-out] Network Attached Storage (NAS) for primary storage supporting unstructured data.
  • Storage Area Network technology for supporting a more localized or structured data.

With these implementations the Research staff can run any of the their applications on any compute resource in the environment — often prototyping work-flows on the workstation then leveraging SMP or cluster technologies for large, long-running data analysis jobs. Data and applications move through these environments seamlessly while remaining high-performing

Our customer demand the best in performance and flexibility, and will accept nothing less.