Takeda has embraced the Cloud (AWS) as a strategic platform for all facets of the business including the numerous R&D areas across the company. The company is challenged in terms of resources and expertise to support the Architecture, Engineering and Operations to facilitate Specialty Computing. In addition to these constraints, execution was critical to enable a foundation for future cloud projects at Takeda. The largest challenge for Takeda was how to embrace the cloud while not significantly impacting the businesses who utilize an on-premise compute infrastructure.


Takeda was in search of a partner that had specialty computing cloud experience and could help the organization execute challenging projects for various scientific business groups within R&D. RCH Services was engaged to design, develop and test integrated services in the public cloud (AWS). Those projects included:

  1. Architect and Implement (Systems and Software Engineering) an IT platform to serve as a small molecule Registration system including an associated Data Warehouse.
  2. Database Migration – design, develop and test integrated services in AWS for disparate database systems. (MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle RDBMS).
  3. Support and Operations of the Turbot ( software platform.
  4. An experienced go-to partner for Engineering or refining computing at scale, High Performance Computing and, Big Data / Analytics projects.

RCH worked directly with the internal IT staff, Research scientists, and application vendors to provide the optimum scalable solution for this highly visible, dynamic environment. The projects included important application testing from a variety of sources. A comprehensive plan, with clearly stated deliverables, with a fully accountable partner.


Takeda now has further stabilized the strategic cloud platform of choice and successfully executed on several key projects for scientific computing. These platforms are now fully tested and ready for use in a Production environment. Takeda continues to deliver accurate and timely solutions for several demanding business units in support of scientific initiatives. A proven collaborative partnership between Takeda and RCH following the creation and management of their Cloud (AWS) environment.