The Cloud Evolution

RCH Solutions continues to successfully grow consulting and services supporting Cloud Computing.  Enterprise and Specialty Computing needs continue to evolve and RCH customers, particularly those in Life and Material Sciences, continue to leverage Cloud.  The objective is to reduce the burdens of Operational tasks to focus more toward optimization, cost savings, and innovation.  RCH has a 25+ year track record of success solving computing challenges.  In recent years we have expanded expertise beyond traditional on-prem IT support to Cloud and Hybrid infrastructures.  The RCH customer success in the Cloud is an extension of the applications skills and experience that has facilitated meeting business and technical objectives.

Why Cloud?

Do we use the Public Cloud, an Internal Cloud or, a hybrid model?  The questions are easier to answer by understanding the benefits of cloud computing and services.

For the Business:

  1. On-Demand Computing and Services.
  2. Greater flexibility due to Self-Service model.
  3. Better internal and external collaboration with partners.
  4. Elasticity and pay per use to Scale up as needed.
  5. OPEX Spend
  6. Solutions and Services to meet changing demands of the businesses.

For IT:

  1. Lower Entry Costs
  2. IT focus on Optimization and Innovation
  3. Better Transparency into Usage and Expenses.
  4. Security and Governance

Cloud solutions are evolving by the day.  The key is in understanding what is possible and what is practical for your specific business.  It is possible to have a secure, flexible, scalable, hybrid-cloud ecosystem.  The key is to identify what is best based on your existing enterprise investment and the emerging demands of the business.  RCH has helped customers perform strategic assessments, architectural design, solution deployments and managed services for the Cloud.  The real value to our customers is 25 years, of practical, hands-on experience, with customers in Life Sciences and Healthcare.  Come see why they are satisfied raving-fans of RCH.