Converged Infrastructure

Converged infrastructure aggregates compute, storage and SAN functionality into modular appliances based on commodity x86 hardware.

Centralized management and configuration at the virtual machine level contribute to lower operational costs.

  • A single vendor design, delivery and support.
  • It streamlines the acquisition, deployment, management and support of the solution.
  • A single shared resource pool of x86 resources.
  • Combining all IT infrastructure and services below the hypervisor into a single shared pool of x86 resources eliminates the need for discrete IT components
  • Centralized Management.
  • Efficient use of resources is accomplished in a number ways.
  • Management shifts to the application or virtual machine and offers VM-centric policies and management.
  • VM-level backup and replication of backup data between sites eliminate the need for third-party backup and replication software and hardware.
  • Software-defined data center requirements, enabling automation to improve operational efficiency.