Deep Learning / Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Deep-Learning Analytics

Stay current and Amplify your Deep Learning Environment Results with RCH Solutions

The ability to fully integrate groundbreaking performance and results is the key to the success for organizations focused on Deep Learning within the Life Sciences community.

Ultimate goal of driving results to improve outcomes

RCH Solutions works with key vendors and technology solutions to ensure data scientists have the most powerful tools for Artificial Intelligence (AI) exploration – tools that go from your desk to the data center to the cloud.

Benefits Focused on Deep Learning and High Performance GPUs

  • High Performing Environments: High Performance GPU environments for Deep Learning provide the ability to integrate deep learning software stack solutions to optimize results for data scientist, while simplifying workload management.
  • Productivity: Driving greater productivity and results is key for deep learning initiatives, with the goal of avoiding months of lost productivity.
  • Flexibility: The ability to have deep learning framework tools and libraries for designing and deploying GPU-accelerated deep learning applications is key. Combining libraries for deep learning primitives, inference, video analytics, linear algebra, sparse matrices, and multi-GPU communications drives critical success for Deep Learning projects.

Now, more than ever, organizations in scientific research are implementing high performance computing (HPC) server technology including GPU systems. This emerging technology is translating to major application acceleration the technical computing space.

The industry now recognizes RCH as an experienced, proven vendor who helps enable science through more efficient scientific computing.

RCH Solutions helps organizations run their business more effectively and more efficiently.


RCH Solutions a NVIDIA Preferred Solutions Provider.  This relationship positions RCH as the “go to” Life Science partner for NVIDIA Product and Solutions Sales.  This includes the amazing DGX-1 and will soon include the recently announced DGX Station and NVIDIA Cloud.

Beyond Product and Solutions Sales and Support, RCH is actively working with its Life Sciences customers leveraging GPU technology, Deep Learning frameworks, and the DGX offerings from NVIDIA to establish unprecedented levels of innovation in Research Computing and Big Data.  RCH is using NVIDIA’s highly optimized versions of popular Deep Learning frameworks such as  Caffe, CNTK, MXNet, TensorFlow, Theano, and Torch in collaboration with customers’ scientific and business focuses to achieve these results.

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