What are the Unique Challenges and Solutions of Life Sciences and Healthcare?

Challenge #1
Scientific Research is constantly evolving. How can IT and Management keep pace and comply with overall company direction.
The Solution
Find needed Solutions to facilitate Science.

Challenge #2
Scientific and Technical initiatives are often limited by Enterprise IT, and a structured, sometimes rigid, model is often employed. How does IT deliver “more with less,” when it’s a constant struggle to meet the innovation and agility needs of scientists or technologists.
The Solution
Agility, Flexibility, Scalability and Security.

Challenge #3
Research groups have unique challenges involving technical computing and application support. Their business is constantly evolving with respect to the rest of the company, and general IT cannot keep pace with these demands. How do we bridge the gap between IT and the Business?
The Solution
RCH Solutions provides IT, scientific and project management Services extending beyond the reach of traditional Enterprise IT organizations. When bundled with RCH’s Technology Sales, these services help customers gain the advantage of single vendor, single point of accountability solutions.

Challenge #4
The business needs understanding, guidance and support from a team that has direct experience in this environment.
The Solution
RCH Solutions provides a proven model capable of meeting those unique challenges. One that is lean, agile, flexible and dynamic enough to adapt and evolve to the business. Our team has hands-on practical experience that will win trust and bridge the gap between IT and the (scientific) business groups. This flexible (responsive / adaptive) integrated model provides a hybrid compromise between the Enterprise solution and the dynamic needs of the business.

Challenge #5
IT is challenged to meet the unique requirements of the business (research, development). How can they provide the appropriate solutions and services in the manner and time required for us to do our work effectively?
The Solution
An alternative to the SLA model is a Managed Service that’s been proven to fit best for research computing environments. It includes expertise, agility, flexibility and comprehensive ownership. Best Practices = Lessons Learned.

Challenge #6
How to find a vendor that understands our work and has actually performed for customers like us.
The Solution
RCH Solutions is an experienced partner with specific expertise in your area of need. Large, inflexible, operational generalists need not apply.

Challenge #7
Replace the typical SLA or staff augmentation model with one that fits our unique needs.
The Solution
RCH Solutions provides a model geared toward Specialty computing that can supplement or guide Enterprise IT efforts.

Challenge #8
Working with or finding alternatives to “Standard” vendor solutions.
The Solution
Remember when current standard solution was once an ‘emerging’ or ‘disruptive’ technology?

Challenge #9
Technical Computing has a unique set of requirements.
The Solution
Focus on Core Competencies. Utilize focused subject matter experts for those unique Strategic and Operational challenges.