Experience NVIDIA’s DGX A100

The Most Powerful AI-based Data Processing Solution Available

Stay ahead of the exponentially growing size of AI models and data with the consolidated power and capabilities of an entire data center, in a single flexible platform. 

Bleeding Edge Tech Meets Hyper-Specialized Support

NVIDIA DGX A100 is the universal system for all AI workloads, offering unprecedented compute density, performance and flexibility. Paired with exceptional and specialized implementation and support services from RCH Solutions, you’ll experience the transformational data processing capabilities that can push your team over the edge of discovery.


NVIDIA DGX A100 features the world’s most advanced accelerator, the NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU, enabling enterprises to consolidate training, inference, and analytics into a unified, easy-to-deploy AI infrastructure.

  • The third-generation DGX system and the world’s first 5 PetaFLOPS AI system 
  • Fastest time-to-solution with 8 revolutionary NVIDIA A100 GPUs, third-generation NVIDIA® NVLink® interconnect technology and NVIDIA® NVSwitch™ on-chip memory fabric™ memory fabric 
  • Elastic infrastructure with Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) on DGX A100, up to 56 applications 
  • Unmatched data center scalability with Mellanox ConnectX-6 
  • Exclusive access to DGXperts, a global team of AI-fluent practitioners that offer prescriptive planning, deployment, and optimization expertise to help fast-track AI transformation

Support & Services

Prescriptive planning, deployment, and optimization expertise to help fast-track AI transformation, by RCH Solutions, a leading provider of Bio-IT, Cloud, and AI consulting and services, and a trusted supplier of NVIDIA’s AI platforms.

System Integration

To include software and platform unification for optimal system and application  performance.

Application Acceleration

Optimize software for AI, ML, and/or HPC solutions.

Workflow Optimization

For domain-specific workflows to benefit data scientists, developers, and research scientists.

Looking to leverage AI to advance your drug and treatment discovery goals?

Whether you’re starting your first AI project, transitioning a team into AI workloads, or looking at infrastructure blueprints and expansions, these five steps will help set your AI projects up for success.

A Novel Innovation to Advance Novel Treatment

Are you ready to learn more about the world’s most powerful AI platform and the ongoing support needed to realize it’s full potential?

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