Cloud Guidance for Your BioIT Goals

With RCH’s Public Cloud Managed Service, gain comprehensive advice, objective recommendations, and ongoing support to help you build and execute a successful Cloud compute strategy.

Possibilities as Endless as the Sky

When your Cloud-adoption or evolution initiatives are grounded by an objective strategy and experienced guidance, you’re free to redefine the limits on what you can achieve.


Gain Advice Before Execution

Our Cloud Managed Service solution begins with a thoughtful conversation. While objective recommendations for tools and technology execution will become a part of it, our engagement is based on a process to uncover, explore, and help you define the strategies and tactics that will align with your unique needs and goals.


See from the Most Critical Vantage Points

Successful Cloud adoption or evolution requires a combination of knowledge and experience, delivered to be seen from the perspectives most critical to the success of the organization.  Whether it’s business, security, regulatory, enterprise, or operational, we’ll help you define critical outcomes and develop a strategy that will satisfy a range of essential perspectives.


Experience the Full Benefits of the Cloud

Through objective advice, best practices, frameworks, tools, and services across solution, technology and industry subject areas, our vast experience, deep expertise, and strong provider relationships will help you reap the business benefits available with the public Cloud. 


Move from Change to Transformation

Approaching your Cloud initiative as simply a change in your data or compute strategy may help you check the boxes on your project plan. However, unlocking the full potential of the Cloud within your organization requires—and creates—a transformative experience no matter where you are on your Cloud journey. 

No matter the scope of project or need, we can provide guidance on:

  • Storage and Compute
  • Data Migration
  • Clinical Information Systems
  • High-Performance Computing
  • Security, Risk and Compliance
  • Operations Integration
  • Big Data and Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • High Performance Computing
  • Mobile
  • End User Computing
  • DevOps

Better Secure
Than Sorry

Download this free guide to basic Cloud security that no company can afford to overlook.


See Through the Cloud

Contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve better outcomes in the Cloud.
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