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RCH Launches Career Acceleration Program for Junior IT Engineers

The leading provider of specialized scientific computing strategy services to facilitate education and growth for those looking to build their skills specifically to support scientific R&D.

March, 30, 2022 – Wayne, PA – RCH Solutions, a global provider of Bio-IT computing expertise for Life Sciences and Healthcare firms of all sizes, is proud to announce a new two-year Career Acceleration Program, RCH CAPstone, for junior and associate-level IT professionals. Participants in the initiative will receive training, mentorship, and incentives designed to create and retain smart, driven leaders in the highly nuanced field of scientific computing in the Life Sciences. 

“Our customers’ needs are extremely specialized,” said David Orvosh, Director of Managed Services at RCH Solutions. “The skills required to support these unique science-focused computing initiatives stretch beyond those of a more typically trained IT professional. This program will provide motivated entry-level IT professionals interested in carving out a niche for themselves with the specialized training and knowledge they need to be successful.”

RCH has long been a provider of specialized computing services exclusively to the Life Sciences. For more than 30 years, their team has been called upon to help biopharmas across the globe architect, implement, optimize and support compute environments tasked with driving performance for scientific research teams.  

Program Overview:

The first iteration of the RCH CAPstone program will include three educational tracks: Cloud Computing, Systems and Workflow Engineering, and DevOps. IT professionals will develop advanced skills and knowledge through relevant coursework and certification, and connect with and shadow senior mentors in their interest areas. RCH CAPstone also includes financial incentives for participants to complete a defined series of milestones for each track, as part of a development progression. Specifically, the initial focus of each track will include: 

  • Cloud ComputingArchitecture development and implementation; guardrails configuration and maintenance, and CloudOps, which is the automation of Cloud services provisioning and administration through code (infrastructure as a code). 
  • Systems and Workflow Engineering – Sys admin, workflow optimization and performance tuning of commercial and open-source software and applications critical within the research and development landscape.  
  • DevOps – Deployment automation (continuous integration/continuous deployment or CI/CD) and troubleshooting in both Cloud and non-Cloud environments.

RCH’s CAPstone program is open only to associate- and junior-level engineers who want to master the necessary skills to specialize in one of the designated tracks. Program applicants must have a relevant degree from a college, university, or trade school OR one to three years of general IT experience; they should also be prepared to actively engage with mentors and meet timelines toward program milestones.

“In the competitive hiring environment, especially in emerging areas of IT, it makes sense to build a strong internal team of specialists to meet our customers’ ever-evolving demands,” says Carolyn Robertson, RCH’s Talent Development Manager. “Moreover, we relish the chance to serve as mentors and coaches for the next generation of leaders in this very specialized field of scientific and technical computing within the Life Sciences.”

Eligible individuals will be considered for the program after applying to any junior level-roles currently open; you can view all open roles listed here.  To learn more about RCH and available career opportunities, visit


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