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Startup and Emerging

RCH Solutions’ Bio-IT Services for Startup Biopharmas are designed to address the unique challenges of new and growing organizations like yours, so you can focus on science and discovery.


A Platform to Accelerate Discovery

Predictable but never prescriptive, agile but never imprecise. Set your organization up for success with our four-step guided compute model makeover.

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Assessment & Visioning

Determining the best path forward begins with an understanding of where you are today. From team design and resources, to technology infrastructure and workflows, we’ll create a comprehensive blueprint to realize an optimal, scalable, and sustainable, Bio-IT vision.


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Solution Design & Execution

Our approach is guided by our work enabling science within many of the most successful pharma and biotechs in the world. We’ll work with you to design, develop, and implement a practical solution-set to address your challenges today and move you closer to your goals for tomorrow.

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Demonstration & Documentation

Whether you’re looking for additional funding or are ready to explore acquisition, demonstrating the ability to deliver results is critical. We help you do that with a written plan and documentation on the optimal compute infrastructure, data workflow and management, specialized application needs, and more.

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Science-IT as a Service

Supporting the dynamic and fast-paced environment of medical innovation requires an elastic, flexible, and creative approach. Our team of cross-functional IT experts, data scientists, research software specialists, and Ph.D’s will work together as a responsive task force dedicated to keeping your team’s focus on discovery.

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Building an IT Infrastructure for Biotechs – A New Way of Thinking

Technical innovations have invigorated the Life Science biotech start-up scene.  From advancements to scientific instrumentation and techniques, to IT tools and workflows that help accelerate discovery, biotech start-ups are able to be more competitive in the very fast-paced Life Sciences environment.  But getting the environment right from the start is critical.