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Scaling and Midsize

Reach the next level of success with confidence by leveraging the specialized service and support of RCH Solutions, the leader in Bio-IT for over 30 years.

The Knowledge to Scale

A Catalyst for Scientific Discovery

As you look to accelerate growth and scale your organization, the right compute environment—and the right partner—may be the key to managing your increasingly complex needs. Here’s how we help.

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Assessment & Visioning

Determining the best path forward begins with an understanding of where you are today. From team design and resources, to technology infrastructure and workflows, we’ll create a comprehensive blueprint to realize an optimal, scalable, and sustainable, Bio-IT vision.


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Solution Design & Execution

Unique and ever-changing, your Bio-IT needs are never simple. At RCH, we draw from our experience enabling science within many of the most successful pharma and biotechs in the world to work with you in designing, developing, and implementing a practical solution-set to address your uniquely complex challenges. 

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Demonstration & Documentation

Whether you’re positioning for sale or opening new avenues of monetization, demonstrating a record of proven, replicable results is critical. We provide a written plan and documentation on the optimal compute infrastructure, data workflow and management, specialized application needs, and more, helping fuel your short and long term goals.

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Science-IT as a Service

Supporting the dynamic and fast-paced environment of medical innovation requires an elastic, flexible, and creative approach. Our team of cross-functional IT experts, data scientists, research software specialists, and Ph.D’s will work together as a responsive task force dedicated to keeping your team’s focus on discovery.


How to Choose the Right Bio-IT Partner

This guide explains why choosing the right IT partner has become vital for Life Sciences and Health Care companies. Download it now to learn how to avoid getting bogged down in a technological morass and maximize your potential market opportunities.

The Right Partner Matters

At This Critical Time in Your History

Now, more than ever, leveraging the right partner to help build an optimal compute environment is critical to success. It starts with understanding your options, and asking yourself these critical questions:  

  • Do our scientists (or other executives) find themselves wearing IT hats to meet their dynamic needs quickly and more effectively?
  • Do we have the resources to build out a specialized Bio-IT team in-house in order to meet the evolving demands of the science we’re driving?
  • Are we effectively leveraging technology to manage costs while maximizing the return on our valuable assets, like data?
  • Will our compute environment hold up as companies we look to partner with push to modernize and scale their platforms?
  • Do the technology and service providers we with currently engage have both the depth and breadth of expertise to add real, tangible value?
  • Are we positioned to take the next step by demonstrating and documenting the interoperability and reproducibility of our results?