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Established & Emerging Technology Solutions

Leading technology solutions objectively recommended, expertly implemented, and delivered through a process that’s guided by the only metric that truly matters: the success of your research.

Recommendations with Your Business In Mind

Image showing microscope as part of RCH Solutions' Bio-IT Systems Administration services.

Objective, vendor agnostic, and based on your unique compute goals. That’s how all technology recommendations should be made, but it’s not always how it happens. At RCH, we’re focused on actually adding value to your project anytime we’re engaged as a VAR of the technology solutions you need most.

Reach Into the Cloud

Leveraging the cloud comes with a number of significant benefits, but getting there takes both ingenuity and experience. At RCH Solutions, we’ve long met the complex needs of scientific research workflows while still operating within the confines of enterprise standards. Our Cloud compute services will enable you to:

  • Adjust or develop a plan to deploy a Cloud solution across your firm or for individual projects
  • Implement an agile and elastic platform that is scalable to meet growing needs
  • Reduce costs associated with physical servers and the infrastructure required to support them
  • Create a secure, yet functional solution that modernizes your scientific compute environment
  • Experience the full potential enabled of digital transformation and the modernization

Customized Compute Solutions

We know one-size-fits-all solutions don’t work for everyone. Unlike many typical enterprise models, we support our clients through fully-custom strategies and vendor-agnostic recommendations that enable the development of novel treatments and technology.

Support for the Full Stack

Because the work you do isn’t complete until it changes human lives, we provide support and components for the full-stack within your compute environment, enabling large-scale and long-term management and analysis of data at scale to move you toward the next breakthrough, including: 

  • Platforms: Cloud, On-Prem, Hybrid 
  • Compute
  • Data Management 
  • Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, MacOS
Breakthrough with Specialized Application Support

Discovery is limitless. So is your potential when supported by a computing partner with intimate knowledge of the specialized software applications essential to your success. We provide solutions for:

  • Bioinformatics & Genomics
  • Computational Chemistry & Biology
  • Quantum Chemistry
  • And much more
Modern Storage Solutions

Science is experiencing a Data Tsunami. We’ll help you stay afloat with a flexible information management framework to meet your storage needs today—and as they evolve. Storage solutions include:

  • Disk Arrays
  • Flash/Solid State Storage
  • Object Stores
  • SAN and NAS
  • SATA and SaaS
  • Legacy Storage Solutions
  • Cloud Storage
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Getting Started with AI Software

Whether you’re starting your first AI project, transitioning a team into AI workloads, or looking at infrastructure blueprints and expansions, these five steps will help set your AI projects up for success.

Partnerships that Power Success

Nearly 30 years of working with technology partners—both emerging and established—reflects our specialized understanding of best practices in Life Sciences and our commitment to providing you with the right tools and resources to meet your needs.

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