Omics and Bioinformatics Services

Supporting R&D with IT Infrastructure and Data Management

Moving the scientific community—and society—forward requires utmost dedication to data collection, organization, accessibility, adoption, and usage. And our team of Bio-IT experts will help build a strategy that maximizes your data and enables new breakthroughs.

Make Meaning from Your Data

Put the Power of Data Integration and HPC to Work in Omics

Multiomics data requires a holistic view to connect the dots and derive impactful insights. At RCH Solutions, we deploy both Cloud-based and on-premise data storage systems, allowing omics and bioinformatics researchers to access the data they need when and where they need it. What’s more, our Data Science and High Performance Computing (HPC) practices reduce time-to-insight to keep hypotheses and investigations moving forward.



Six Ways Data Visualization Tools Improve Biotech & Pharma R&D Outcomes

Life science innovators have increasingly realized the value of visualization to drive real insights in data analytics. In this article, learn the six strategic benefits of investing in data visualization we’ve identified as a leader in this innovative service area.

Support Through the Full Cycle of Drug Development

From Research to Discovery, Track Your Progress with Data Visualization

Data analytics turns findings into insights, and insights into visuals that make it easy to see what matters. Omics and bioinformatics divisions are increasingly relying on data visualizations because of their ability to process large volumes of data quickly. Researchers can streamline new drug discoveries, development, and studies without the need for technical expertise, and our highly experienced and specialized teams have helped global and emerging Biotech and Pharmas effectively implement these tools for decades.

Catering to All Areas of Omics and Bioinformatics

Though Pipeline Engineering Expertise

RCH Solutions brings authority in Genomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics, Epigenetics, Microbiomics, and more to ensure no opportunity for data analytics is left unaddressed. Our Pipeline Engineering approach manages every phase of data, from ingestion to structure, to organization to access, while maintaining compliance and security.

Balancing Compliance with User Experience

We remain committed to a high level of security and compliance while also ensuring a user-friendly experience—data is safe yet accessible.

High Performance Computing Power

Through proven data and workflow best practices, we’ll help you turn Big Data into major breakthroughs with HPC that finds connections that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Data Migration

With extensive experience supporting on-prem, Cloud, and hybrid environments while keeping your unique needs organizational needs always top of mind, we transform legacy systems into a single source of truth.

Next-Gen Technology

We leverage emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to continue growing your data’s value.