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Established and Global

We understand your objectives and challenges and can work with your teams to design modern and effective compute solutions that balance the need for standards with the momentum required for scientific exploration.

A Methodology for Success

Discover New Paths for Your Potential

Increasing speed and autonomy while adhering to established enterprise protocols requires specialized knowledge and experience navigating complex systems and processes. See how our approach delivers results:

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Assessment & Visioning

With so much already accomplished, it may be hard to see how improvements to your compute environment will enable you to achieve new heights. Our team will work with you to create a comprehensive blueprint to realize an optimal, scalable, and sustainable, Bio-IT vision that clears even the most entrenched hurdles.


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Solution Design & Execution

Our approach is guided by our work enabling science within many of the most successful pharma and biotechs in the world. We’ll work with you to design, develop, and implement a practical solution-set to address your challenges today and move you closer to your goals for tomorrow.

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Demonstration & Documentation

When change is underway, documenting your results and proving success is essential. We help you do that with a written plan and documentation on the optimal compute infrastructure, data workflow and management, specialized application needs, and more.

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Science-IT as a Service

Working within an established organization while still competing in the fast-paced environment of medical innovation requires an elastic, flexible, and creative approach. Our team of cross-functional IT experts, data scientists, research software specialists, and Ph.D’s  will work together as a responsive task force dedicated to achieving results.


How Johnson & Johnson Leveraged RCH’s Proven Managed Services Model

Learn how RCH helped the pharmaceutical arm of J&J, Janssen, architect a functional and flexible hybrid Cloud strategy.

Support for When Every Decision Matters

Your industry never stops evolving. Avoid the headache, hassle, and lost opportunities of a compute model not made to support your unique requirements.