High Performance Computing

Achieve Ambitious Research Goals withExpert HPC Services

High-Performance Computing (HPC) enables research teams to glean insights from very large datasets with speed and efficiency in ways not possible with traditional computing alone. Get the most out of your supercomputing power, to drive outcomes in a scalable and cost-efficient way.

Process Billions of Parameters Through Cloud-based HPC Technology

Image, Two Professional IT Programers Discussing Blockchain Data Network, representing RCH's High Performance Computing (HPC) services for Life Sciences teams.

You don’t need to purchase your own server farm to perform High-Performance Computing tasks. RCH Solutions can help you integrate a scientific computing solution that uses cloud technology to compute at scale. RCH’s HPC experts can help you process billions of parameters when you need to and ensure you only pay for the computing services you use.

Improve Model Rendering and Predictive Analysis

Innovative researchers and scientific IT partners are implementing High Performance Computing (HPC) throughout every phase of the drug development lifecycle. This approach helps researchers build models of biological and chemical structures for analysis and identify the best possible candidates for further research, reducing the time and resources spent on dead ends.  With the expertise and experience of RCH behind your project, we can help you: 

  • Reduce the amount of time spent researching unsuccessful candidates
  • Make better use of resources and make the most of clinical trial volunteers
  • Implement supercomputing without purchasing expensive on-premises hardware
  • Connect legacy systems to Cloud-based computing workflows
  • Gain access to multiple resolution architectures for solving the toughest computing problems
  • Optimize your research environment for large-scale Cloud computing
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Optimize Your High Performance Computing Environment

Learn how HPC is helping research teams stay ahead of the next novel virus, and the important role a properly supported environment plays in its success.

Gain Access to HPC Architectures That Meet Project Needs

Every HPC project is unique. Not all supercomputing architectures are equally suited to these incredibly niche tasks. RCH Solutions can help you identify the ideal architecture on a project-specific basis and integrate the necessary solution into your Cloud compute infrastructure. Examples of what we can do include:

Ultra-Large Library Docking

RCH Compute experts can help reduce time spent on ultra-large library docking tasks from weeks to mere hours.

Deploying Thousands of Optimized Cores

Our expertise can grant you access to thousands of optimized computer cores for specific research applications.

Computing with High-Speed Single-Thread Processors

Capitalize on computer-aided drug design tasks using the appropriate computing infrastructure.

Massively Parallelizing Graphical Processing Units

Transform your most challenging computing tasks with massively parallelized multi-thread architecture.