Our Team

Movers, Shakers & Difference-Makers

Uniting highly skilled technologists, passionate scientists, and dedicated industry experts, our team’s mission is to advance yours.

Michael Riener
Chief Executive Officer

Get to Know Michael:

Challenges you solve for customers Help pull together the Business and I.T. for a more meaningful and impactful outcome.

Skills you bring to your role The desire to achieve and win—I’m a competitor by nature. The other is the ability to communicate. Our people are looking to me for direction, answers, and inclusion.  

What you like best about the work we do … The immediate and measurable impact we have with our customers as well as the great team we have built and are building

Top 3 values that drive you Determination, friendship, respect

Favorite podcast or book “The Greatest Generation” – demonstrates the impact of sacrifice and commitment to a common goal

What you enjoy outside of work Family, exercise, the Shore (beach) with family

Something people may not know about you I’m an aspiring musician, singer, and dancer.  I’m not good at any of them but I’ll do anything to keep alive the music of the 70’s. 

Phil Eschallier
Chief Technical Officer

Get to Know Phil:

Challenges you solve for customers … I help customers ask the “right” questions or settle on the “right” focuses, then guide them toward the answer. 

How did you get into this field … I’m a long-time IT pro, and my journey includes financial software -> DoD/US Navy Avionics + Space Shuttle -> IT Security -> Bio-Pharma -> Internet -> back in Bio-Pharma

Skills you bring to your role … Blocking out noise to help get to the big picture, then help RCH teams work in a harmonized manner within that big picture.

What interests you most about the Life Sciences … On the human side, it’s about helping to better the human condition.  On the tech side, it’s about using tech in novel ways to help achieve the goals of the human side.

What was the last meal you cooked? Beef Wellington

What volunteering or passion projects do you have? Autism Speaks and related focuses in honor of my son David.

Who’s your hero? Albert Einstein for his genius, drive, and commitment to pacifism.

Craig Pizonka
Director of Operations

Get to Know Craig:

Challenges you solve for customers … I focus on adding structure and efficiency to the way our team operates so that RCH can, in turn, better support our people and the needs of our customers. 

Skills you bring to your role … I’m a very systems-oriented person, so I tend to be an organized, logical thinker.

What you like best about the work you do at RCH … I joined the team in July of 2022 because of the many opportunities to make a difference, not just within the company but within the industry. The work our team does is critical to advancing science.

What was the last meal you cooked? I’m real gourmet … chicken quesadillas.

The best piece of advice you’ve ever been given isSystems are better than goals. And I stand by it.