Sci-T Consulting Services

Informed Guidance & Objective Advice

Cultivated from four decades of experience helping teams of all sizes architect their complete compute environment from the ground up, RCH’s strategic Sci-T Consulting services will help you find and optimize the opportunities within your Bio-IT ecosystem.

Imagine the Art of the Possible

Learn how this global pharma leveraged RCH’s Services to enhance its computing environment and support drug discovery.

We Deliver Practical Perspectives

Architecting a Compute Environment That Works In Real Life

Our unique Project-to-Partner approach helps address the challenges Life Sciences organizations experience as they ideate and build high-functioning compute environments for fast-moving R&D teams. But what really sets us apart? Our strategies are always grounded in reality and backed by years of practical, hands-on experience. When you work with us, you can trust we’ll deliver a plan that actually works in practice—not not simply on paper. Here’s how: 

We Start With Strategy 

Understanding the pain points, needs, and wants of your organizations’ stakeholders, we’ll help you set the right goals and targets, and advise on the most effectives ways to reach them.

We Don't Ask for Your Trust, We Earn It

Because trust is earned, we’re happy to first deliver a proof-of-concept to demonstrate our strategic assumptions; its our goal to make your team feel confident in the specialized ability of ours.

Execution is Everything

Whether your need is for a partner to support a  short-term and well-defined project, or to operate as an insourced extension of your own team, our Service Delivery Mangers, Project Mangers, and Technical Specialists will remain with you through the duration of the project to assure successful outcomes, no matter what.

Accountability is Our Calling Card

Transparency and ownership of outcomes—including helping our customers spot new opportunities or shift an existing strategy to avoid unnecessary hurdles—is what drives all of our relationship forward.