Elevated Perspectives: Building a Scalable Cloud Environment

Preparing Your Startup Biotech or Pharma for Success

Discover the essential steps and considerations for creating a scalable Cloud environment to accelerate drug discovery, development, and commercialization in the Life Sciences. Featuring AWS‘s Eric Zimmerman, Principal Industry Specialist & Executive Security Advisor, WWPS Healthcare & Life Sciences, alongside hosts Michael Riener, CEO, and Phil Eschallier, CTO,  this session will outline the key components, tools, and strategies needed to build an extensible Cloud environment that can handle increasing demands as your startup biotech or pharma grows. 

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Meet The Speakers

Phil Eschallier
Chief Technology Officer

With over 30 years of experience as a managerial and technical computing professional, Phil currently leads RHC’s Managed Services capabilities and is responsible for all elements of the customer experience, including requirements and resources management and services definitions and delivery. His professional background includes solutions architecting, scientific and high-performance computing design and support, life sciences applications management, and software engineering from management and technical perspectives.
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Eric Zimmerman
Principal Healthcare & Life Sciences Business Development, AWS

Eric Zimmerman is part of the startup and venture capital business development team at Amazon Web Services (AWS) focusing on healthcare and life sciences. He also works in product management for open source, pre-competitive tools to make conducting science on AWS easier. Prior to AWS, Eric was a venture capitalist investing in biotech and medical device companies.
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Michael Riener
President & CEO

Michael oversees the executive management of RCH, including the company’s overall strategic direction, and brings more than 25 years of experience to his role. His primary responsibilities are business development, sales, and marketing. Michael has been an officer since 2006 and was instrumental in the evolution of the company’s business model.  RCH has experienced significant market and revenue growth in the Life Sciences and Healthcare industries during this time.
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