The Top 5 Data Governance Strategies for Life Sciences

About This Webinar:
Modern Life Sciences companies are generating mission-critical data with increasing volume, velocity, and variety and extending to new domains, like the cloud. All the while, global regulations like GDPR and CCPA, and threats from ransomware attacks complicate an already heterogeneous landscape. What is a life sciences organization to do? In this webinar, join Michael Riener, President, RCH Solutions, and Alok Tayi, Ph.D., Vice President, Life Sciences, Egnyte, for a discussion on data governance strategies and proven tools to tackle an increasingly complex set of risks for the industry.




Meet The Speakers

Michael Riener
President & CEO, RCH Solutions

Michael oversees the executive management of RCH, including the company’s overall strategic direction, and brings more than 25 years of experience to his role. His primary responsibilities are business development, sales and marketing. Michael has been an officer since 2006 and was instrumental in the evolution of the company business model. During this time, RCH has experienced significant market and revenue growth in Life Sciences and Healthcare industries.

Alok Tayi, PhD
Vice President, Life Sciences, Egnyte

Alok is the Vice President of Life Sciences at Egnyte where he is responsible for building and executing the company’s strategy for the life sciences market. Before joining Egnyte, Alok was a Y Combinator-backed entrepreneur and started two vertical software-as-a-service companies. Prior to his career in software, Alok spent over 15 years as a scientist: he took part in postdoctoral work at Harvard University with George Whitesides, and has published papers in Nature and Nature Chemistry. Alok holds a PhD from Northwestern University and BS from Cornell University.