Thoughts from our CEO, Michael Riener

Now more than ever, creating a culture that encompasses all of the elements necessary to ensure employee, customer and organizational success and exceptional outcomes is critical. Why? Our industry is more challenged than ever with talent acquisition, development and retention, not to mention the sky-high demands for services and support and the impact this has on our team members.

As industry and organizational leaders, we need to meet these challenges with strong calls to actions and initiatives to create change.

For this reason and more, hiring the right people who share these core values, and building a culture around a team that embraces the RCH Solutions DNA is paramount, because it’s our opportunity to get things right from inception, for the organization and our team members, and lead with our non-negotiable core values.

The Current Challenges
The Biopharma, Biotech and Life Sciences industries are experiencing record burnout. Most recently, the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and life sciences category fell almost 3 points (2.9) between the first and second quarter of 2022, per corporate reputation monitor, RepTrak, and as outlined in the article linked below. But what does this actually mean? This near real time measure and its decline further solidifies the challenges that exist both internally and externally for stakeholders and organizations, which if not met with actions and initiatives, could have devastating impacts.

The Supporting Solutions
But how can we realistically form meaningful actions to improve our position and outcomes? Lean back into or overhaul your company values. Too often companies are reactive and wait to fix and troubleshoot when a problem exists. Why not proactively set our team members up for success from the beginning? By taking care of our teams and nurturing their personal and professional growth and experience, we can in turn, empower them to deliver their best for our organization and customers.

What We’re Doing at RCH
At RCH, our core values are in place to do just that, and are far more than just words — they unwaveringly represent the threads that weave together the fabric of our culture. And we truly mean it, expect it and live and breathe it. As an organization we: 

  1. Embrace Excellence
  2. Expect Accountability
  3. Adventure Together
  4. Succeed as a Team
  5. Respect Boundaries & Balance

But what do these really mean and what do they look like? To extend upon our core values, and to illustrate how these are measured and look in action, see the infographic below.

RCH Values Infographic

These core values are also consistently reinforced by our customers in recognition of specific team members, and we use these foundational principles for just about everything. From serving as a guide when interviewing new team members to a barometer when evaluating our performance as individuals and teams, and even when deciding which customers to work with. Our values embody the behaviors upon which we measure our success and create a framework for our growth as people and professionals. 

I am very confident that our teams feel these values in action daily at RCH. And their commitment and buy-in to these beliefs are evident and flow through every interaction we have and the outcomes we deliver collectively, both internally and externally. And that matters to us and it should to you too. 

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Michael Riener

Michael oversees the executive management of RCH, including the company’s overall strategic direction, and brings more than 25 years of experience to his role.