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RCH Solutions Launches Bio-IT Navigator

Designed to help start-up and emerging biopharmas develop or evolve their compute strategy, Bio-IT Navigator offers a one-hour, complimentary assessment and strategy consultation.

Wayne, PA – August 19, 2023 RCH Solutions, a leading Bio-IT services company introduces Bio-IT Navigator, a turnkey program designed to provide comprehensive support and guidance to Biotechs and Pharmas in the Life Sciences. The service offers a complimentary 60-minute consultation and best practices audit, delivering expert advice and insights to address the unique IT challenges faced by R&D departments, particularly in start-up and emerging companies.

“Bio-IT Navigator helps emerging companies with still limited team resources point the compass as they consider or look to evolve their compute environment strategy,” said Michael Riener, CEO of RCH Solutions. “Our consultative approach is based on hands-on, practical experience. We’ve seen what works—and what doesn’t work. And even through the course of one-hour together, we can help these teams uncover gaps and opportunities within their strategy or environment, and make more informed decisions for a path forward.”

Often facing resource limitations, many start-ups and emerging companies encounter hurdles designing and building a robust scientific computing environment, or lack the team or specific IT domain knowledge to develop a platform that supports extensibility and data volume as they grow. Bio-IT Navigator offers a pulse-check on their approach, guiding topics that include cloud infrastructure or migration considerations, HPC or high-throughout needs, data management, scientific application and workflow support, and more.

“We’ve seen many start-ups stand up an environment quickly or based on a particular need, and then find themselves asking ‘now what’ as their team and science evolves,” said Phil Eschallier, CTO. “This program is about helping these growing organizations avoid tech debt and instead build an environment that can scale to meet the full range of their needs today and in the future.”

With more than 30 years of experience exclusively supporting science within the Life Sciences space, RCH has become a trusted partner in addressing the complex Bio-IT challenges faced by organizations of all sizes and scales. Because of the depth and breadth of their expertise specific to science-IT needs, the RCH team is able to quarterback the entire process, from strategy to execution, and across the full stack—from infrastructure to workflows—holistically addressing the unique needs of IT for R&D.

“Our ability to engage a range of new customers seeking strategic and execution support is a testament to our reputation, proven outcomes, and the culmination of our years of success in this business,” continued Riener. “With the introduction of Bio-IT Navigator, we’re lowering the barrier to access this level of highly specialized guidance to help companies still in their early stages position themselves for long-term success.”

You can learn more about RCH Solutions and the Bio-IT Navigator program here.



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