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RCH Solutions Presents Elevated Perspectives: Critical Conversations in Cloud Computing

With the on-demand digital event series, the veteran provider of specialty Bio-IT services within the Life Sciences aims to deliver practical insights and real-world best practices to help teams leverage their Cloud platform to advance scientific initiatives.

Wayne, PA – October 9, 2023 – RCH Solutions, Inc (RCH), a leading provider of Bio-IT expertise exclusively for the life sciences, is pleased to announce the launch of Elevated Perspectives: Critical Conversations in Cloud Computing a digital event series. The on-demand events will provide valuable insights and commentary on Cloud computing trends and topics tailored to Life Sciences firms as they progress from early therapeutic discovery to clinical development and commercialization.

The first episode in the series, Cost Optimization: Maximizing Cloud ROI in Life Sciences R&D, is now available.

“Cloud computing has in many ways become a cornerstone in Bio-IT, particularly within startup and emerging firms seeking to harness the power of flexible, scalable infrastructure to improve collaboration, optimize costs, and accelerate drug discovery and development processes,” said Michael Riener, CEO of RCH Solutions and series moderator. “With ‘Elevated Perspectives,’ we hope to address the specific challenges many of these organizations face when planning, building, or maintaining these mission-critical environments, and provide proven tips to help them navigate the Cloud landscape effectively.”

Though Cloud technology has become increasingly vital for Life Sciences organizations, many firms—particularly start-up and emerging organizations—face challenges as they look to implement and mature their Cloud environment for growth and scale.

Each episode in the series is roughly 30 minutes or less and will offer scientist-led teams and their Bio-IT counterparts strategic insights and technical best practices on a range of Cloud topics, including data management, security, cost optimization, and more.

“All based on years of hands-on experience, the episodes are quick, the conversations are lively, and the intel is practical and intended to be applied right away,” Reiner continued.

Anchored by industry veteran technologist and RCH’s CTO, Phil Eschallier, each episode will feature technical and business experts from Cloud leader Amazon Web Services (AWS) and others driving innovation in the Cloud. The first four episodes will feature:

“Amidst this boundary-breaking landscape, Cloud computing is a powerful catalyst for progress. ‘Elevated Perspectives’ is our commitment to equip Life Sciences organizations, especially start-ups and emerging firms, with the knowledge and tools they need to embrace the Cloud’s transformative potential.”

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