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RCH Solutions Joins MassBio

RCH, an established provider of scientific computing Consulting, Professional, and Managed Services exclusively for Life Sciences teams, has big plans to increase its already heavy Boston-area focus in the year ahead as a new member of MassBio.

“We’re extremely excited to increase our presence within this important organization in the Life Sciences space,” said Michael Riener, President and CEO of RCH Solutions.  “MassBio has been a trusted source for industry advocacy, insights, education and networking, and we’re looking forward to contributing to the important work they do within the Boston-area and beyond.”

Founded in 1985, MassBio works to advance policy and promote education, while providing member programs, events, industry information, and services for the #1 Life Sciences cluster in the world.

As a trusted provider of specialized computing services exclusively to the Life Sciences for more than 30 years, RCH Solutions currently has hubs in many of the country’s hottest destinations for Life Sciences innovation, including Boston, Philadelphia, La Jolla, and San Francisco. Their highly specialized team has been called upon to help Biotechs and Pharmas across the globe architect, implement, optimize and support compute environments tasked with driving performance for scientific teams conducting research and discovery, and preclinical and clinical development.

With areas of expertise in Cloud Computing, Data Management, Data Science, Emerging Technologies (AI/ML), High-Performance Computing (HPC), Omics and Bioinformatics, Research Application Support, System Administration, and Workflow Optimization, RCH Solutions bridges the gap between IT and R&D Business areas, effectively leveraging innovation in one discipline (IT) to help drive advancement in the other (science). The company has been particularly successful in supporting start-up and emerging Biotechs and Pharmas in the development of scalable and performance-driven compute ecosystems to drive business and scientific goals.

“In an industry driven by the pursuit of progress, the ability for Biopharma teams to fully harness innovation and technology to support discovery has long been a differentiator,” continues Riener. “We pride ourselves on our ability to prioritize the delivery of results over the fulfillment of service levels and we look forward to sharing the expertise and insights we’ve gained over our long tenure with the other members of the MassBio community.”

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