Because “good” is no longer good enough, see what to look for, and what to avoid, in a specialized Bio-IT partner.

Gone are the days where selecting a strategic Bio-IT partner for your emerging biotech or pharma was a linear or general IT challenge. Where good was good enough because business models were less complex and systems were standardized and simple. 

Today, opportunities and discoveries that can lead to significant breakthroughs now emerge faster than ever. And your scientists need sustainable and efficient computing solutions that enable them to focus on science, at the speed and efficiency that’s necessary in today’s world of medical innovation. The value your Biot-IT partner adds can be a missing link to unlocking and accelerating your organization’s discovery and development goals … or the weight that’s holding you back.

Read on to learn 5 important qualities that you should not only expect but demand from your Bio-IT partner. As well as the red flags that may signal you’re working with the wrong one.  

Subject Matter Expertise & Life Science Mastery vs. General IT Expertise & Experience

Your organization needs a Bio-IT partner with the ability to bridge the gap between science and IT, or Sci-T as we call it, and this is only possible when their unique specialization in the life sciences is backed by their proven subject matter expertise in the field. This means your partner should be up-to-date on the latest technologies but, more importantly, have demonstrable knowledge about your business’ unique needs in the landscape in which it’s operating. And be able to provide working recommendations and solutions to get you where you want—and need —to be. That is what separates the IT generalists from subject matter and life science experts.  

Vendor Agnostic vs. Vendor Follower

Technologies and programs that suit your biotech or pharma’s evolving needs are different from organization to organization. Your firm has a highly unique position and individualized objectives that require solutions that are just as bespoke —and we get that. But unfortunately, many Bio-IT partners still build their recommendation based on  existing and mutually beneficial supplier relationships that they prioritize, alongside their margins, even when significantly better solutions might be available. And that’s why seeking a strategic partner that is vendor agnostic is so critical. The right Bio-IT partner will look out for your best interest and focus on solutions that propel you to your desired outcomes most efficiently and effectively, ultimately accelerating your discovery.  

Collaborative and Thought Partner vs. Order Taker 

Anyone can be an order taker. But your organization doesn’t always know what they want to—or should—order. And that is where a collaborative and strategic partner comes in, and can be the difference maker. Your strategic Bio-IT partner should spark creativity, drive innovation, and ultimately cultivate business success. They’ll dive deep into your organizational needs to intimately understand what will propel you to your desired outcomes, and recommend agnostic industry-leading solutions that will get you there. Most importantly, they work on effectively implementing them to streamline systems and processes to create a foundation for sustainability and scalability, which is where the game-changing transformation occurs for your organization.   

Individualized and Inventive vs. One-Size-Fits-All 

A strategic Bio-ITpartner needs to understand that success in the life sciences depends on being able to collect, correlate and leverage data to uphold a competitive advantage. But no two organizations are the same, share  the same objectives, or have the same considerations and dependencies for a compute environment. 

Rather than doing more of the same, your Bio-IT partner should view your organization through your individualized lens and seek fit-for-purpose paths that align to your unique challenges and needs. And because they understand both the business and technology landscapes, they should ask probing questions, and have the right expertise to push beyond the surface, and introduce novel solutions to legacy issues, routinely. The result is a service that helps you accelerate the development of your next scientific breakthrough. 

Dynamic and Modern Business Acumen vs. Centralized Business Processes

With the pandemic came new business and work processes and procedures, and employees and offices are no longer centralized like they once were. Or maybe yours never was. Either way, the right Bio-IT partner needs to understand the unique technical requirements and the volume of data and information that is now exchanged between employees, partners, and customers globally, and at once. And solutions need to work the same, if not better, than if teams were sitting alongside each other in a physical office. So, the right strategic partner must have modern business acumen and the dynamic expertise that’s necessary to build and effectively implement solutions that enable teams to work effectively and efficiently from anywhere in the world.

Your Bio-IT Partner Can Make or Break Success

We’ll say it again – good is not good enough. And frankly, just good enough is not up to par, either. It takes a uniquely qualified, seasoned and modern Bio-IT partner that understands that the success—and the failure—of a life science company hinges on its ability to innovate, and that your infrastructure is the foundation upon which that ability, and your ability to scale, sits. They must understand which types of solutions work best for each of your business pain points and opportunities, including those that still might be undiscovered. But most importantly, valuable partners can drive and effectively implement necessary changes that enable and position life science companies to reach and surpass their discovery goals. And that’s what it takes in today’s fast-paced world of medical innovation. 

So, if you feel like your Bio-IT partner might be underdelivering in any of our top 5 areas, then it might be time to find one that can—and will—truly help you leverage scientific computing innovation to reach your goals. 

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Mike Wlodarczyk

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